Selection Process and Claiming tracks

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Selection Process and Claiming tracks Empty Selection Process and Claiming tracks

Post by Jazzy on Wed Dec 17, 2014 6:11 pm

As you know, there are only 23 tracks for this MEP. Because I feel we have such a strong number of people who would be very capable in participating in this MEP, I am going to select a few more than 23 of you. I think it is only fair that way to include all of those who I think would be a good fit for the MEP. There will remain only 23 tracks though. Selecting tracks will STILL will be on "first come, first serve" basis. Those who do not get a track in the immediate selection process will be kept as replacement editors (in case of emergency drop-outs).

Soooo here's how it's gonna go down!

Dec 20: I will post the results of the selected individuals to participate in this MEP on the forum.

Dec 21: I will add all the selected editors into a group chat on Skype. At this time is when we will begin claiming tracks. This is your pre-warning to prepare now. You should have a "Top 5" list of tracks you like ahead of time, before the selection process. The first 23 individuals who come forward to claim a track, will take part in the MEP. As for time-zones, I can't guarantee a specific time. I guess it will be a little disadvantaged in that sense, but it can't be helped. Sorry.

Okay good luck to everyone! Surprised

Track 1 (Summer)
Track 2 (Summer-Dark Horse)
Track 3 (Really Don't Care)
Track 4 (Really Don't Care-Talk Dirty to Me)
Track 5 (Talk Dirty to Me-Problem)
Track 6 (Problem)
Track 7 (Problem)
Track 8 (What Does the Fox Say)
Track 9 (What Does the Fox Say-Shake It Off)
Track 10 (Shake It Off-Maps)
Track 11 (Maps)
Track 12 (Maps)
Track 13 (Let It Go)
Track 14 (Applause)
Track 15 (Applause)
Track 16 (Fancy)
Track 17 (Thrift Shop-Get Lucky)
Track 18 (Get Lucky)
Track 19 (Black Widow)
Track 20 (Royals)
Track 21 (Hello Kitty-Burn)
Track 22 (Burn)
Track 23 (Burn)

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